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    Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking Investigations and Safeguarding Consultancy and Training

    Providing specialist support to your organisation and to victims and survivors in order to help victims of abuse directly or indirectly

    "Sadly, there are more perpetrators of domestic abuse and stalking out there than there are people and organisations trying to help but I believe that by working together we are much smarter than the perpetrators. If we work together and ensure we keep the victim at the heart of everything that we do then perhaps, one day we will free victims from their perpetrators. We need to keep persevering"  

    John Trott, AbuseFreeLife

    "I sought John Trott’s help on the recommendation of the Founder of an awareness raising group who help people who have survived ongoing situations of coercive-control. 


    John has exquisite understanding of both the law pertaining to stalking and how stalking impacts a target’s life. The dossier that John prepared for me after reviewing more than 90 incidents of stalking that targeted me, my family, my friends and my employers was the single most useful document that has helped me despite six years of reporting incidents to criminal justice professionals. I have shared this Dossier with the police and with the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner in my region and it has proved to these organisations that they need to stop trivialising the behaviours of the perpetrator. I also shared the Dossier with my employers and this enabled their provision of support in the workplace. 


    Perhaps the most useful of John’s services comes from the trust and advice that he delivers to his clients which provides enormous psychological support. John fully understands how stalkers behave and how they seek to destroy their target’s lives. Being believed, understood and helped by John to be allowed to live without fear of the next incident has saved my family, my job and my life". (E.S. Domestic abuse and stalking survivor)

    "Very informative and in-depth day of information delivered in a very open and down to earth way. Please don't stop your great work. Go John!" (Survivor of Domestic Abuse)
    "I attended a recent training course with John and I must say, his delivery technique was exceptional. He was clearly very knowledgeable and he made a subject, which I was not familiar with, easy to comprehend and enjoyable. He used real life examples to set the scene and his use of video clips was a powerful and visual tool which helped us tie everything together. John is an interesting and personable guy who I would certainly recommend to deliver any of the training which he can offer. Thank you for the experience!" (Police Officer)
    "Best stalking training I have attended and I have been to a few!" (Police Officer)
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