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#Domesticabuse Conference, Suffolk - 2nd

John Trott is an experienced trainer having designed and delivered training packages and workshops which have then been delivered at training events to many organisations throughout the UK or at conferences. Recent feedback for AbuseFreeLife training can be found in the Testimonial section.


AbuseFreeLife Training is high quality, current and is delivered by experienced professionals who have worked within the domestic abuse and stalking sector, at a front-line and strategic level.


At AbuseFreeLife we ensure the victim and their children are at the heart of everything we do.


For more information about the courses available please view the Courses section.


Bespoke training courses can also be designed and delivered based on the needs of your organisation.


AbuseFreeLife can undertake Peer Reviews and be a "critical friend" to your organisation by conducting gap analysis, interrogating systems and listening to how the first call that comes into your organisation is handled in order to obtain the most amount of information from the victim. Thereby enabling the best response to assist in an investigation and/or ensure the risks are fully understood and documented ensuring a victim and children are able to  be properly safeguarded. On completion, a full report is submitted giving recommendations based on the analysis of feedback and then if required, designing and delivering a specific training package to meet any areas required for improvement within your organisation.

AbuseFreeLife offers advice, information, guidance and hands-on support on domestic abuse, coercive control and stalking both from the perspective of victims and perpetrators as well as from the perspective of charities and services working with those affected by domestic abuse. John Trott has experience of developing resources, writing documents, leaflets, booklets, supporting research, impact assessments, contributing to policy development and delivering training on these important areas.

AbuseFreeLife can offer one off guidance and advice or ongoing support for your service or organisation


John Trott is an experienced investigator having served as a detective within Devon and Cornwall Police for over 28 years and retiring as a Detective Chief Inspector in charge of the Cornwall Public Protection Unit. He is an accredited Senior Investigating Officer thereby enabling him to lead serious investigations up to and including homicide. He is also an accredited Interview Advisor, a function used in the UK to provide interview strategies in serious crime. As a result John can offer workplace investigations, particularly in respect of safeguarding vulnerable people. He will look into issues and events in the workplace and determine what happened, who was responsible, and what liabilities exist, if any.

When a complaint is made, or a potential problem is discovered, companies are required to investigate thoroughly and impartially. 

Often, employers use HR departments to investigate complaints and other issues - but this has its inherent risks. HR employees are time-pressed, and if the investigation is incomplete or contains bias, it can lead to legal action and expensive settlements. Each case is handled personally and at the conclusion a concise, actionable report is produced that assesses where the balance of probability of evidence lies.

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