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Victim and Survivor Services

On many occasions, victims and survivors of abuse have contacted AbuseFreeLife to ask for assistance in relation to their own personal cases as sadly it appears individuals within agencies are not listening or believing them or who "Just don't get it!" Generally, this is as a result of professionals having little knowledge in respect of the complexities of domestic abuse, coercive control and stalking because of lack of training given to them.

At AbuseFreeLife John offers a service that listens to the victim/survivor (hereon in known as the client) and he then reviews their case fully before completing a recommendation report which is included in a Review Dossier or in a "Victims Right to Appeal" advice. If the client wishes they may decide to forward the Dossier to a relevant agency or agencies that they are dealing with.

This Dossier will not (and indeed should not) replace a proper formal investigation by the relevant organisations. It will assist organisations by making recommendations highlighting areas, lines of enquiry and the evidence that should be captured to ensure the investigation is of good quality. The Dossier is meant to assist those professionals, who may not have a detailed understanding and knowledge in respect of the complexities of domestic abuse, coercive control and/or stalking. The Dossier can then be considered as part of an ongoing investigation and risk management plan.

By working in this way there can be a better outcome for the client and indeed assist an organisation by ensuring an investigation;

  • conforms to investigative approved standards,

  • is thorough,

  • has been conducted with integrity and objectivity,

  • has not overlooked any potential opportunities and lines of enquiry so that potential effective practice and organisational learning can be disseminated.

Any recommendations are sourced to relevant research and/or policies, procedures and guidance where they are available.

In no way is this service meant to undermine any organisations investigation. It is hoped that it will be recognised as a supportive tool and an activity planned to assist and support the investigating agency or agencies to a successful conclusion.


Multi-agency working is key to these types of investigations in order to properly protect and safeguard a victim/survivor.


"John assisted me with a dossier relating to ongoing abuse and stalking by the father of my child using the Family Court system. The dossier provided the Court with information and legislation surrounding coercive control and stalking which, in my experience, are forms of abuse which are often not recognised by the Family Court Magistrates. Not only did the dossier help me to provide the necessary information to the Court and applied the law to the perpetrator’s specific behaviours, but it helped me to recognise and understand the extent of the perpetrator’s behaviour and in turn continues to assist with my recovery from domestic abuse. Thanks!"

(CT. Domestic Abuse and Stalking survivor 2021)


"I sought John Trott’s help on the recommendation of the Founder of an awareness raising group who help people who have survived ongoing situations of coercive-control. 


John has exquisite understanding of both the law pertaining to stalking and how stalking impacts a target’s life. The dossier that John prepared for me after reviewing more than 90 incidents of stalking that targeted me, my family, my friends and my employers was the single most useful document that has helped me despite six years of reporting incidents to criminal justice professionals. I have shared this Dossier with the police and with the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner in my region and it has proved to these organisations that they need to stop trivialising the behaviours of the perpetrator. I also shared the Dossier with my employers and this enabled their provision of support in the workplace. 


Perhaps the most useful of John’s services comes from the trust and advice that he delivers to his clients which provides enormous psychological support. John fully understands how stalkers behave and how they seek to destroy their target’s lives. Being believed, understood and helped by John to be allowed to live without fear of the next incident has saved my family, my job and my life". 

(E.S. Domestic Abuse and Stalking survivor 2019)

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